Common Mudpuppy (Necturus maculosus)

Common Mudpuppy (Necturus maculosus)

Record Information
Created: December 2nd, 2018 - 05:41 PM
Last Modified: December 12th, 2018 - 05:12 PM
Entered by: Ed Patterson
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Observation Information
County: Indiana County
Time: 2018-12-02 16:45:00
Qty: 1
Age: Adult
Sex: --
Air Temperature: 62.00F
Cloud Cover: Few clouds
Weather Conditions: Calm
Elevation: 1033.00ft
Habitat: Mid-size stream


A couple of years ago a young guy that worked for me told me he had seen Mudpuppies in this stream which flows behind his house. It's not a stream that people fish so Mudpuppies have not been well-documented or formally documented before as far as I know.

The upper reaches of the stream have some agricultural impacts but the lower reaches are wooded and more protected. It was nice to find that there is a population of Mudpuppies in this location.

Added habitat photos 12.3.18