New Updates 7-1-2020

We are always aiming to make PARS a better user experience, and are often making small changes behind the scenes to improve the website. Some of our recent changes may be more noticeable, and require a brief news post to highlight these changes.

Threatened and Endangered Species (T&E)

To better protect sensitive species we have implemented some changes to T&E species. T&E species are hidden on the front page recent records section, recent observed page, and recent submitted page. When Searching T&E species the date of observation is hidden.  When viewing a T&E species, Date and Time of Observation and Date and Time Created are hidden. 

Block and Quad Maps

A block or quad that previously had both a species and a subspecies of the same species will now only show and count the subspecies. A block or quad that does not have a subspecies and only a species-level identification will still be counted, until a subspecies for that block or quad is verified. Eastern Ribbonsnakes (comprised of Common and Northern subspecies) will now only count as Ribbonsnakes and no subspecies of Ribbonsnakes will show, but you can still enter the subspecies as an observation. 

Short form and Voucher Upload 

A new short form option for adding a record can be found on the add a record page. This option will eliminate many fields for a more simplistic form. You can still add more detailed data in the regular reporting form.

Also, a new modern file upload field has been implemented to make multiple file selections and drag and drop files uploads available. 

Front Page Recent Records

The front page recent records section will now only include records that have an attached voucher. Records without a voucher are still recorded and show up throughout the database but will not be visible on the front page.