2nd Annual Photography Contest Winners

Behavior Category Winners

1st Place – Bob Ferguson
2nd Place – Mike Forgeng
3rd Place – Travis Russell

Herps in the Landscape Category Winners

1st Place – Tony Kumetis

2nd Place – Bob Ferguson
3rd Place – Liv Pistner

Macro Photography Category Winners

1st Place – Bob Ferguson
2nd Place – Tony Kumetis
3rd Place – Brandon Hunsberger

Species Representation Winners


American Bullfrog Winner – Dylan Welch
Eastern American Toad Winner – Brandon Hunsberger
Gray Treefrog Winner – Chris Bortz
Green Frog Winner – Brandon Hunsberger
Northern Leopard Frog Winner – Bob Ferguson
Pickerel Frog Winner – Bob Ferguson
Spring Peeper Winner – David Sonnen
Wood Frog Winner – Scott Rando


Allegheny Mountain Dusky Salamander Winner – Bob Ferguson
Eastern Long-tailed Salamander Winner – Brandon Hunsberger
Eastern Red-backed Salamander Winner – Bob Ferguson
Four-toed Salamander Winner – Bob Ferguson
Marbled Salamander Winner – Bob Ferguson
Northern Dusky Ssalamander Winner – Brandon Hunsberger
Northern Red Salamander Winner – Brandon Hunsberger
Northern Spring Salamander Winner – Brandon Hunsberger
Northern Two-lined Salamander Winner – Evan Pabst
Red-spotted Newt Winner – Bob Ferguson
Seal Salamander Winner – Chris Bortz
Spotted Salamander Winner – Bob Ferguson
Wehrle’s Salmander Winner – Chris Bortz


Eastern Gartersnake Winner – Bob Ferguson
Eastern Milksnake Winner – Bob Ferguson
Eastern Ratsnake Winner – Alexandra Webb
Northern Copperhead Winner – Bob Ferguson
Northern Red-bellied Snake Winner – Chris Bortz
Northern Ring-necked Snake Winner – Bob Ferguson
Northern Watersnake Winner – Brandon Hunsberger
Ribbonsnake Winner – Bob Ferguson
Short-headed Gartersnake Winner – Chris Bortz
Smooth Greesnake Winner – Bob Ferguson
Timber Rattlesnake Winner – Kyle Fawcett


Painted Turtle Winner – Bob Ferguson
Snapping Turtle Winner – Lauren Aiello
Spiny Softshell Turtle Winner – Bob Ferguson
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